I focus on wear, decay, complexity and craftsmanship in an era where mass production has taught us to love simple surfaces and textures with their identities polished away.

We are now used to, and expect a flat, shiny, nonporous texture in our objects. We associate shininess with new. After an object looses its shine, it is time to replace it.

I feel differently.

I make one–of–a–kind objects that start out as a 3D file which i then use to carve wood with a CNC machine. All details, resins, color, and finish are done by hand. This approach allows me to work with a richness of detail that cannot be mass produced. Each piece is guaranteed to be original and never reproduced.After each object is finished i destroy it's digital file, leaving only the object to speak for itself.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1975. I grew up between Caracas and the US. My grandfather gave me my first set of tools when i turned 5, I've been building stuff since then... In 1997 i graduated from the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas with a degree in Industrial Design.

I traveled to Milan in 1998 where i completed a Master in Design at Domus Academy where i still teach Industrial Design. Since 2001 i've had the pleasure to work on a big and small projects for big and small companies and private clients on product, brand, video, music, and image.