About the artist

Florence Trabet, artist-painter set out in Le Cannet, was awarded from Villa Arson in Nice with the E.P.I.A.R distinction. She had her revelation of her vocation at a very young age. She is painting as well on canvas and other support - skate board, kite surf , snowboard etc...- henceforth she is making wood puppet. Her art work is characterised by vibrant colours that reflects brightness, happiness and serenity.

Puppet's Pause

Puppets form a gathering of wood action figure, embodying major fictional or real persons of our history. Since antiquity, puppets exerts an extremely powerful fascination. It is for my pictural work, an original support to honour fascinating characters who had an impact on my life, so much for their idea or what they are representing. They are made out of hardboard - hard wood panel highly compressed - cut with a saw then covered with recyclable items such as disks, aluminium cans, electrical wire or wood.

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