My name is Antigoni Pagona (also known as Antigone Pagonas). Born in Athens in 1977, I moved to Monaco in 1978 where I did all my scholarship.

My first experience in drawing was when we took art class in middle school. During school I was drawing characters in anime/manga as well as portraits inspired by pictures or photos. At that time, I was only drawing in pencil and ink.

Then I moved back to Athens in 2002, and I started painting in 2008 trying other techniques and quite enjoyed it. I am a self-learner. In 2011 I studied Interior architecture where I had a few lessons of drawing during the first year. But rapidly I quitted painting due to lack of time as at the same time I was also working while studying.

Finally, in 2017, when I graduated, I restarted painting in acrylic trying various techniques. I still work in the maritime industry but during my free time I keep painting. It has become my passion!