"Emotioniste": word created by Paul Salomone to characterize his work that art critics, experts, auctioneers or journalists, do not seem to disavow. This new word corresponds to his style, which at the same time translates his emotions into lines and colours. On the same medium, the artist is able to combine the deepest distress with a humorous wink. All the strength of its productions lies in a constant duality. In the face of the turmoil of life, I began to build my ark, a fortress stood before me, I multiplied myself and built my ark.
the Emotionist
"The triangle in the work? It is up to each of us to give it a meaning, geometric, mystagogical, mystical."
When creation and passion mingle, no one can refer to the canons of beauty or the rules of the art, as the vertiginous gesture is an interpretation of the mind's confusion.
Such seems to be the case of the French Emotionist, painter, sculptor with Mediterranean origins (Malta and Sicily).
The Emotionist spent his entire childhood in the south of France. Despite a difficult childhood, the Emotionist is interested in drawing, painting, sculpture and many other forms of artistic expression.
Art guides him and provides an outlet throughout his personal development. Influenced by his father in his philosophical and aesthetic research, but it was his maternal grandfather who gave him his first coloured pencils. His studies focus on architecture, art history (primary, classical, modern, contemporary art), copyright, style characteristics, etc. After his father's death, he made many trips to Europe.
Back in France, he went to Paris and then to Brittany and that's where he decided to settle.
The Armorican region is a source of inspiration for him. The artist is also driven by a strong need for creativity through new artistic expressions such as sculpture, poetry or musical composition. All its components are precious for an artist such as the Emotionist whose work is only enthusiasm, noise, fury, emotion.
The essence of his informal gestures is condensed in his titles.