Following a school curriculum in electronics, AKIM (30 years old), changes course and follows three years of study, from 2009 to 2012, within a private school of stylist-creator at a distance. It is during these three years that he created and founded the senses of the SUXES entity.

Throughout his studies, he has a particular interest in artistic movements such as the Vienna Workshop (Wiener Werkstätte), Art & Craft, Action Painting, Art brut....... Challenging the codes of an era when the masses are more important than personal reflection. Override a consumerist system in order to implant a soul and a reason for each artistic development. Inspired by the works of great names in fashion (Rick Owens, Yamamoto, Kawakubo, Galliano...) and by the works of exceptional artists (Picasso, Pollock, Titus Kaphar, Arman...), all embellished with a taste for the authenticity of crafts (Brodeur, Plumassier, Ennoblisseur.......), taking the direction of an expressive independence parallel sailing in search of a Total Wagnerian Art becomes inevitable.

As an officer through an entity, Akim instills a desire for artistic independence not associated with a person but with an ideology. Suxes is an alternative placed outside the trend circuit, interfering with the fashionable arts and addressing free thinkers.


Transport artistic expression out of galleries and exhibition walls so that the work is not only perceived as yet another object of interior decoration but also as a pictorial representation of free movement in an undetermined space. To give an additional dimension to the work, allowing it to be extracted beyond its geometric straightjacket.

Structure Lin's canvas inviting the individual's body to be an integral part of the expression and allowing it to escape. The body is complementary and breathes life into the work of art.

These are the basis for all artistic development research to give life to independent expression and reflection by craftsmen.