A Combination of Make-up and Jewelry Irini Mastrogianni-Löwen was born in Kymi/Greece and completed her degree study as a beautician in 1980. During this time she became fascinated by the idea of combining Make-up and Jewelry to both underline and accentuate ladies' individuality and character and the way they appear both in private and at social events. After graduation, Irini opened her own successful Beauty Institute enhancing her Beauty Therapy treatments with handmade jewels jewelries. Her independence allows her to pursue her ideas and visions. She ensures that she stays ahead of the game, e.g by attending seminars in Paris, too. In ancient cultures jewelry from gold, silver, precious stones and pearls had already a strong impact and, very often, deep symbolic meaning. Irini 's classical design recollects these customs. She is now skilled in the various jewelry-techniques necessary to transfer her ideas into unique creations of necklaces, charm and rolled bracelets and stud ear-rings using "semi-precious stones and pearls combined with 925 silver connections, partly gold-plated". The countless variations in color, refined or cut forms allow Irini to explore creatively these possibilities. She concentrates on "semi-precious stones and pearls" because of their universal appeal and versatility both cross the seasons and at social events and has never lost sight of the need for her work to be both affordable and competitively priced. Irini has achieved her goal. Her concept is now : Make-up with jewelry.