Mino Delle Site was born in Lecce in 1914. From 1931 he officially adhered to Futurism, establishing a deep friendship with Marinetti, Prampolini, Dottori, Fillia, Diulgheroff and others.
In 1932 Prampoline presented Mino Delle Site by opening his first futuristic exhibition at the "Bragaglia Fuori Commercio" gallery in Rome. Throughout the 1930s, he participated with the futurists in the most important national and European artistic events of the "Mostra Nazionale d'Arte Futurista" (Mantova 1933), "Ommagio Futurista a Umberto Boccioni" (Milano 1933) movement; at the same time, in Lecce in 1933, he presented a solo exhibition.
Then with the group of "aeropainters", he was present at "L'Esposizione Italiana di Aeropittura" (Hamburg-Berlin 1934) and at the "Mostra itinerante di Aeropittura" (Vienna-Athens 1935). He exhibited four of his works between the 2nd and 3rd Quadrennial (Rome 1935 and 1939) and also participated in the 20th and 21st Venice Biennale in 1936 and 1938. In 1937 he restored the walls of the Students' House in Rome's new university campus.
An imposing work of about 200 m², a work that Gerardo Dottori describes and admires in Artecrazia. During these years Mino Delle Site will express himself through mural decoration, sacred art, the literary style "paroliberismo", sculpture, music and journalism. (Collaborating with "Vecchio e Nuovo": "Futurismo", "Il Perseo", "Arte Viva"). After the Second World War, he participated in many exhibitions, in particular in 1948 the "Rassegna Nazionale di Arti Figurative di Roma" and the accession to the VI, VII and VIII Quadrennial".
In 1956 he presented his first anthology at the "Galleria delle Carroze" in Rome. In 1965 he organized his own solo exhibition "Trasvolata" in the United States, in New York where he organized an important anthology. He continued in 1976 with another solo exhibition at Marco Island in Florida. As an art teacher, he gives courses and seminars at the "Accademia del Costume di Bologna" and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
In 1982, he participated in the presentation "Gli Anni Trenta" in Milan and Rome. In 1986, he participated in the exhibition "La macchina mito futurista". After several solo exhibitions in 1988, he was back in Milan with "Il Futurismo e la moda".
In 1989-90, he was in London and Naples with "Aereo e Pittura". Still in 1989, Lecce, his hometown, celebrated his talent with the exhibition "Antologica", which also included his most recent works. The cycle of retrospectives presented by Mino Delle Site ended with "Seravezza" in 1990. Mino died in Rome in August 1996.
Since then, prominent art critics have associated him with their exhibitions and Mino Delle Site's works have been presented in more than 50 national and international exhibitions.